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You're engaged,
how lovely.

Now, it’s time to plan your wedding!

…and there is nothing better than a well-designed party.

So, let’s do it and better yet, enjoy it.

Fall in Lovely and let’s PLAN+STYLE an event where your love is the muse.

Lovely Events, Boss Babe, Audra Goetz has two decades of experience in the event industry.

With more than 300 weddings, 50 events and a few awards in her pocketed dress.

We’d love to raise a toast to you and hear all about your love story and how we can help you PLAN+STYLE your event.

Be Lovely,

Audra and the Lovely Events Team



we bring the pretty and the party

How did you become a wedding planner?


It was an interesting road, really. 

I started working around weddings when I was 18 years old.  

My first job out of High School was in one of the oldest mansions in Kansas City, the business touted themselves a “One Stop” Wedding Shop. I steamed dresses, took tux measurements, sewed flower girl baskets and was treated as a Cinderella. No, truly! The Owner was this old woman and her two middle aged daughters. They treated me as if I were their janitor, personal assistant, dress steaming work horse. They made fun of me and purposely ordered meat lovers pizza at our team meetings, knowing I was the only vegetarian. 

It wasn’t fun, but looking back it was funny… and I did learn a lot.

When I was 21,  I moved to California and worked in a floral studio. One Christmas we were hired to decorate the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. 

We used disco balls as ornaments. It was spectacular. 
At 22,  I moved to Seattle and worked a few gigs as a Wedding DJ. I kinda loved it, making announcements and making a dance party is major fun. Lugging the equipment isn’t. 

At 23, I was a production assistant at Filmateria Studios and through some pretty incredible event production opportunities experienced how thrilling (and exhausting) event planning and production can be. You get one creative idea, you express it, you clean it up and then you create another one.  Career Goal. Check. Sign me up! 

So at 24, I became the Event Assistant at Inglewood Golf Club and within a few months I was promoted to Event Director, and asked to run the entire department. With no previous catering or private club experience I was in a position to sink or swim in, and I chose to make like a dolphin. I quickly learned Sales, Staffing, Catering, Planning, Designing, Payroll, Club Management, oy!

I did it all, and well. 

Then I realized what I loved most was working on weddings with the couples, encouraging a calm and creative space for them while planning.  I found myself coming in early and staying late on their wedding days. I was salaried, so I wasn’t making any more money. But, I just  had to make sure it all went off without a hitch and that the couple and their guests really enjoyed themselves. I found what I love most is guiding and protecting the event. Working as the liaison between the couple, their families and the event team. It brings me such  joy to create a flawless experience for our couples. 

So by 30 I was ready to launch Lovely Events and provide a full time, full service experience for my clients. So I did… and here we are.